Horwood, William: 

Duncton Wood, one of our all time favourite books is an allegorical tale about a community of moles, was published in 1980. It was followed by two sequels, forming The Duncton Chronicles, and also a second trilogy, The Book of Silence. William Horwood has also written two stand-alone novels intertwining the lives of humans and of eagles (The Stonor Eagles and Callanish), and The Wolves of Time duology. Skallagrigg, his 1987 novel about disability, love, and trust, was made into a BBC film in 1994. In addition, he has written a number of sequels to The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame. This is the American first edition.



Duncton Chronicles Series:


                                  Country Life - First Edition                                                        Century - First Edition                                                             Century - First Edition


                                Harper Collins - First Edition                                                 Harper Collins - First Edition                                                 Harper Collins - First Edition



               Country Life - First Edition                          Harper Collins - First Edition                              Harper Collins - First Edition                             Macmillan - First Edition